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Prepare Your Home to Sell.

After you have made basic repairs, the task of selling your home boils down to making the house as clean, clutter-free, and inviting as possible. Clean all your windows and glass doors, inside and out.  Hold a yard sale or donate to charity all your household goods you will not be moving to your new home. 

Front entrance

Make the entrance to your home visible and easy to reach.  Trim overgrown shrubs and trees, mow and water your lawn regularly.           Paint your front door and replace your entrance light fixture if it is old and outdated.  Put out a new welcome mat. Water container flowers (replace if necessary).  In winter, make sure your pathway and steps are clear of ice and snow.


Clear the clutter from your entry closet. Pack away all your seasonal items.  Buyers don't mind seeing  packing boxes, but clutter and overstuffed closets may signal too little space!

Living room, family room

Have the carpets cleaned or replace worn carpets. If the hardwood floors are in good condition, leave them bare. Stow away newspapers, magazines, books, games, toys, and videos.  Dust all surfaces, including ceiling fan blades. Vacuum upholstered furniture and use a spray deoderizer if necessary.  Have the fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected.  Have a fire in the fireplace in fall and winter.  Add extra lamps in dark corners and turn on the l ights when the house is being shown to prospective buyers.  Remove ashtrays, collections of sports trophies and family photographs.  A room without distractions looks larger.


Don't cook anything with a distinctive odor (fish, garlic, cabbage etc.).  Clear the clutter from your countertops; store away seldom used appliances.  Clean the kitchen sink and stow away sponges and dishtowels. Clean the food disposal by grinding up cut lemon wedges.  Clean your oven.


Replace your old, rusted medicine cabinet with a new one or remove the door and hang a larger mirror.  Put out a set of matching towels. Wipe wet shower stalls and bathtubs, empty wastebaskets and clean sinks, mirrors and faucets daily. 


Make beds. Stow away shoes, laundry, clothes, books or toys. Open curtains or shades.

Home office

Straighten out desk and bookshelves. Stow away files. Dust surfaces, including computer screen - Polish cabinets and woodwork


Clear clutter blocking access to furnace, electrical box or laundry room. Have stairs clutter free. 

For information on selling your home and taxes:   In the search for box put in "selling home and taxes" 

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